Custom Design

The challenges in the remote inspection market are always different and no single design prevails. In these instances, our technical staff of robotics and automation engineers consisting of mechanical, electrical, software, and optical disciplines allow us the ability to adapt, modify or make-from-scratch any technology that we may need.

We offer these services to your company or firm who may need a technical team as diverse as ours. Maybe you have an existing design and need to add the finishing touches, or have a product that needs debugging or finalization? Whatever the state your product or project may be in, our team can be inserted to assist at any point in the development cycle.

Electrical Design

We specialize in developing electrical hardware used in miniature and creative mobile applications. This is particularly important for underwater applications where sealing commercial electronics from water are always a challenge. Our in-house PCB fabrication and re-work facility allows us to quickly and effectively perform design iterations to ensure a quality product is delivered.

RedScope can assist you with:

  • Control Electronics for open or closed loop systems
  • Power Systems for tethered or battery operated
  • Microcontroller and FPGA integration
  • PCB Design and Prototyping Assembly

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