Public Works

RedScope's public works services include the following items of interest in support of waste water infrastructure rehabilitation efforts.

Visual Inspection

Buried or accessible piping with access to only one port can be inspected using remote pipe crawling robots from 6" to 24/36" in diameter to 600-1500 ft in length. A full video report will be provided documenting joints, breaks, clogs, or lateral penetrations for the owner or general contractor.

Sewer and Waste Water Pipe Cleaning

By combining high-pressure water jetting and positive displacement vacuuming systems sludge, debris, dirt, concrete, wood, rocks, and sewage waste can be effectively removed and disposed.

Repairing Broken Pipes

Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) is a less costly option of repairing underground piping that have been breached by tree roots, road collapses, or corrosion causing blockage and overflows. Using our remote technologies to locate and identify the location of the breach, a seamless pipe-within-a-pipe liner can be easily installed into waste water, storm water, and force main systems.

Biorock Cleanout From Landfill Piping Systems

Biorock, also known as Seacrete, is a routine problem which exist for all landfill providers. RedScope is experienced in the removal of partially or fully clogged biorock from underground leachate piping systems. We offer flexible maintenance programs that can provide your landfill with annual cleanouts to keep your piping systems intact that may impact the transport of landfill sludge.

Bonded and Insured

We are a minority owned business operation and fully bonded and insured to participate in public bid openings for towns, villages, cities and municipalities. We can also work indirectly through general contractors holding larger scopes of work providing our niche specialties in inspection and cleanout services.

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