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RedScope is a non-destructive testing and cleaning provider service as well as remote technology products. We offer certified personnel coupled with innovative technologies to support plant asset owners and operators with the evaluation and maintenance of their heat exchanger, pressure vessel, piping system, and tank.

RedScope is a privately held corporation with our main operations located in Rochester, New York, USA.


RedScope specializes in the deployment of remote sensing and cleaning technologies to vessels, steam generator components, pressurizers, pumps, boilers, tanks, heat exchangers, turbines, and all other associated plant piping systems.

Our nationally accredited field technicians utilize the latest in remote inspection technologies such as robotic crawlers, pan tilt & zoom cameras, and video scope systems. Our cleaning services include traditional hydro and CO2 blasting as well as advanced laser systems to effectively remove any surface contaminant (oxide, rust, oil, paint) without impacting the base substrate. These remote technologies and cleaning methods allow us to access and prepare confined or difficult-to-reach areas of your plant or component that may otherwise be inaccessible using traditional means.

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In support of our field services, our manufacturing team and technical staff have access to over various CNC type machining centers, optical grinding and fabrication, rapid prototyping, and coordinated measurement systems for all levels of fabrication and measuring.

Imaging Center of The World

Rochester, known as the Imaging Center of The World, is the third largest city in New York state behind New York city and Buffalo. Rochester is located 30 minutes south of Lake Ontario and one hour between Buffalo and Syracuse. Rochester is home to a number of globally recognized imaging companies such as Kodak, Xerox, and Bausch & Lomb. In addition, the region also boasts the premier optics and imaging academia in The University of Rochester, Institute of Optics and The Rochester Institute of Technology, Center for Imaging Science.