RedScope provides specialized services to meet or exceed your industrial application or plant specific needs.

Safety Standards

We have stringent operating and ALARA safety standards to both our equipment and personnel. Our experience tells us to be ready for the unexpected while the road to success can have many routes.

Services To Improve Your Plant Operations

Our services include remote and cleaning technologies to help you with your heat exchanger, boiler, chiller, holding tank and vessel, and supporting pipe infrastructure activities such as:

Loose Part Retrieval of unwanted foreign materials entering your system during maintenance or other activity

Inspection services such as Visual (VT) to identify location of breaks, clogs or pitting; Ultrasonic (UT) to provide a volumetric indication of defects or flaws that may exist subsurface.

Surface Cleaning services such as CO2, Hydro, Laser, and Sponge blasting to help prepare your asset surface for inspections

Personnel Staffing support for your planned outages in project management or field technicians

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RedScope is a nondestructive technology service provider, supporting asset and component owners with traditional and innovative technologies in their maintenance programs.