Sponge Blasting

RedScope offers sponge blasting as a strong alternative to traditional sandblasting media methods. Our systems are capable of selectively stripping paint or removing surface contaminants resulting in surface profiles up to 4mils.

Sponge Effects

The sponge system is an engineered "sandblasting" media technology which combines the capability of urethane sponge with cleaning and cutting power of traditional blasting media.

During impact, the pliable urethane nature flattens whereby exposing the abrasives to the surface. When leaving the surface, the sponge expands back to regular size creating a vacuum which absorbs most of the contaminants which would normally become airborne.

Compared to Sandblasting

The benefits of sponge blasting versus conventional forms of sandblasting are as follows:

  • Less pollution and waste generated.
  • Lower "fugitive" emissions -Workers: Less exposure, fatigue, and eye injuries
  • Enhanced visibility, leading to fewer defects and rework
  • Suitable for use around instruments, equipment, and other workers
  • Easier containment, ventilation, and clean up

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