Hydro Blasting

RedScope offers water blasting as one of several cleaning methods used to remediate or prepare the component surface for additional testing applications.


The water blasting process combines high pressure, volume and temperature water through a media hose and specially designed blasting nozzle tip. Blasting nozzles come in different shapes and sizes offering different types of spray patterns for cleaning and cutting.

Clean and Vacuum Simultaneously

Some applications may require the need to remove the debris or contaminants from the system. In these situations, our blasting system is augmented with a vacuum system, usually a positive displacement pump, to vacuum the water media and contaminants to a collection system for separation and disposal.

Our selection of equipment includes large driven vehicles or pumping systems that can be delivered via air or freight to any customer site.

Components Successfully Cleaned

  • heat exchanger tube cleaning or lancing
  • boiler tubes
  • in-vessel cleaning
  • piping systems for waster water collection systems such as sewer and storm drains
  • landfill leachate piping to unclog biorock buildup
  • surface remediation on concrete for failure analysis or painting

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