CO2 or Dry Ice

RedScope offers CO2 as an alternative cleaning solution to more common hydro and sponge media blasting options on components such as balance of plant piping, vessels, and heat exchangers.

Benefits of CO2

Commonly used in the food processing and electronics industry to remove bacteria and surface contamination, dry ice blasting is an aggressive yet gentle cleaning process that can be applied to simple and complex parts.

Unlike other cleaning methods, CO2 or dry ice blasting leave no residue and will not impinge on the structural integrity of the base metal.

Our Process

We offer manual and remote delivery systems to deploy the CO2 cleaning process in various capacities. Our experience and knowledge in the safe and proper handling of the CO2 process will alleviate any safety concerns.

Our mobile system can be deployed directly to your site. It consist of a hopper system and uses standard plant compressed air to deliver the CO2 rice shaped pellets through a special nozzle to the targeted area.

We also offer the capability to vacuum the debris or waste for disposal either in parallel or post cleaning.

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