Loose Part Retrieval

New or Insitu

If we don't have the right tool, we'll make one from scratch to fit the specific application.

Commissioning new or performing routine maintenance of components and structures increases the risk of foreign objects entering the plant system.

Foreign objects such as rags, tools, nuts, bolts, or debris fragments can lead to disastrous component failures and untimely and costly plant shutdowns.

Experience Matters

Locating, identifying, and extracting the foreign object while guaranteeing that it does not migrate further downstream is as much a science as it is a skill.

We are experienced in many facets of foreign object search & retrievals applications and can provide the unique expertise and knowledge that will ensure a safe and timely retrieval to get your plant back online.

  • weld rods in heat exchangers
  • nuts and bolts in valves
  • hand tools left within vessels or tanks
  • welding debris in piping
  • machining curl from steam generator

Leave Your Systems Intact

Each application is unique and come with varying degrees of complexities and risk. Our technologies include extraction tools outfitted with camera and lighting systems to identify and guarantee the safe extraction of the foreign object without the need to open other pipes, valves or components.


We can mobilize in 24hrs with specialized retrieval equipment to get your plant or equipment back online as quickly as possible.

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