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RedScope, Inc. offers turnkey visual examinations to support your pre/in-service maintenance programs.

RedScope technicians are trained to ANSI/ASNT CP-189 standards and have a thorough understanding of imaging and acquisition methods that may adversely affect the final visual examination.

Making The Difference

We bring all these technologies together by utilizing direct field experience and our network of business partners and subject matter experts.

RedScope offers remote technologies to obtain examinations for those hard-to-reach or confined spaces. We utilize miniature cameras to custom systems that can withstand hazardous conditions such as radiation, extreme temperatures, and water applications.

In addition, our tooling employs custom lenses which are manufactured to our specifications such as numerical apertures, field of views and coatings to offset unwanted reflections.

Measure Your Part Or Defect

As an added option, we are experienced in measuring structures, shapes and flaws using special optics to eliminate the barrel and distortion effects commonly associated to simple thin lens systems.

Stray Light Affect Imaging Results

Our knowledge of direct, coaxial, side, oblique, and backfield illumination methods make a difference in the image acquisition process.  By isolating and accentuating flaws on the material surface through various illumination techniques, our examiners can determine subtle imperfections that would otherwise be masked by reflections or shadows due to improper or stray lighting.

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