Ultrasonic - UT

RedScope offers certified examiners to ascertain the existence of flaws or discontinuities that may be present under the surface of the targeted base material using ultrasonic technologies.

ASNT Certified

At RedScope, we have both certified Levels I, II Technicians and equipment to measure your in-situ component for wall thinning, cracking, or voids in pipes, vessels, and concrete from flow accelerated corrosion FAC. These can be either be manual or automated UT applications.

Major Advantages

  1. Detects surface and subsurface defects
  2. Depth of penetration vs. other test methods is superior
  3. Only single sided access is required with a pulse-echo technique
  4. High accuracy regarding estimating discontinuity size and shape
  5. Minimal specimen preparation is required
  6. Instantaneous results produced by using electronic equipment
  7. Detailed images can be produced with automated systems

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